LOUDMOUTH 16: The January Drop

LOUDMOUTH gears product lines to reflect specific themes relevant to our target market. Specific articles and pieces are created and coordinated with current social and environmental issues and themes related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This month we focussed on Development Goal #16, Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

As a result, LOUDMOUTH has incorporated the colour scheme for this Development Goal into our products. Blue and White represents not only the goal dedicated to peace, justice, and strong institutions but also reflects campaigns and organizations that have initiatives coinciding with the goal. Campaigns and Organizations like ‘#BellLet’sTalk’ and ‘Jack Talks’ focus specifically on areas of mental health, a topic which LOUDMOUTH feels everyone is affected by in some way, shape, or form. The organizations support the stability and well-being of human beings and society as a whole. These organizations provide resources and education that encourages institutions and empowers individuals to act peacefully, inclusively, and justly. Proceeds from the January products will be donated to these organizations as a contribution to make society inclusive, make institutions strong, and promote peace and justice.



As a brand we believe that making conscious decisions regarding our production process is a crucial part of our responsibility in the economy and society. Using a local supply chain allows LOUDMOUTH to be more economically, environmentally, socially and operationally sustainable.

Many companies struggle to reduce the high concentrations of carbon emissions created in supply chains and production processes. Players in the supply chains such as planes, trains, ships and trucks as well as mass machinery, metals and minerals all have impacts on the environment and contribute to the issue of climate change. When companies source from large industrial business’s and produce or transport globally it increases the amount of eco emissions going into the environment. Shopping and sourcing locally means lessening the amount of eco emissions that are created in the transportation and production process, it also means that owners deal with smaller organizations; often resulting in higher focus on customer service and social responsibility.  This is an advantage that comes with sourcing and shopping from local business’s because when organizations are engaged in customer service and social responsibility it creates the opportunity to collaborate on initiatives like increasing transparency on carbon emissions along the supply chain; which contributes positively to both the business and the environment. Sourcing and shopping locally also helps the environment by reducing miles, reducing production costs, and reducing production waste as well as unplanned activities.

As LOUDMOUTH continues to source locally, we encourage others to source and shop locally as well. Shopping and sourcing from local business’s provides benefits to the economy and the environment, it’s small action with the potential to make a big impact!

Get Educated, Get Loud, Shop Local !

Cassidy Jane: a LOUDMOUTH Making Moves

At LOUDMOUTH we promote the knowledge, skills, and talents of our consumers; we believe emphasizing and acting on these aspects of originality is effective in accomplishing our goal to create a community and spark a social movement. Cassidy Jane is a local singer-songwriter. Cassidy’s been studying Music Business while contributing to LOUDMOUTH productions. Cassidy is focused and continues to work on her music career as she helps with LOUDMOUTH projects. She recently released her first single on soundcloud – “Breathe Again”. As member of the LOUDMOUTH community; we are proud to be promoting Cassidy’s music on our platform.

LOUDMOUTH: Mission In Motion

LOUDMOUTH’s mission is to connect and create a community with our consumers. The enterprise is a channel for LOUDMOUTH’s to embrace, identify with, use their voice, and act with! Our aim is to connect, create, and act; resulting in our vision of LOUDMOUTH becoming a vibrant, visible, and loud social enterprise.

We gear and tailor our products for those who are enthusiastic about originality and individualism. Specific articles and pieces are created and coordinated with current social themes and environmental issues. By integrating design elements and tailoring each drop to reflect and represent the specific initiative focus of that line; as well as donating portions of proceeds to an organization contributing to that initiative. Our products emphasize and reflect the importance of using generational advantages to tackle problems affecting our future.

In accordance with our design integration and proceed donations, LOUDMOUTH is launching their ‘MISSION IN MOTION’ program. This program allows LOUDMOUTH’s the opportunity to volunteer, act, and contribute to organizations and initiatives LOUDMOUTH partners with, promotes, and are passionate about.

MISSION IN MOTION provides access to volunteer opportunities, community involvement organizations, and activities of activism. MISSION IN MOTION organizes trips, meet ups, and events for LOUDMOUTH’S to go to both individually and as a group. This program has hopes to grow and build partnerships with organizations that allow LOUDMOUTH’s to contribute to initiatives all over the world


LOUDMOUTH is dedicated to staying up to date with current social and environmental issues that our target market is subjected too. We focus on using our number and resource advantages as well as the knowledge and skills of our consumers to tackle the problems affecting our future and make an impact.

At the United Nations Conference in 2012 the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were developed and established. The 17 goals address all global challenges and provide a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

LOUDMOUTH ENTERPRISES gears product lines to reflect specific themes relevant to our target market. The themes we focus on coincide directly with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We believe the 17 areas of sustainable development are crucial areas to tackle in order to make a positive impact on the people, the planet, and policies.

To see areas we’re passionate about and learn more about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals click the link for their website: https://www.17sustainabledevelopmentgoals.org/